3 Tips For Selecting Profitable Stocks

Choosing stocks is a complicated process. Every investor goes about it a different way, some choose a penny stock broker and other go it alone. But if you want to be able to select profitable stocks from an over-the-counter market having some general steps to follow is important and helps you minimize risk. So let me outline three possible steps you could take.

Step 1. The first step is to establish a time frame and strategic direction for your investing. Getting this strategy in place is what is going to dictate the shares you purchase.

For example, long term investors would establish a strategy around finding shares in companies with long term competitive strengths and a history of stability when it comes to growth. Because they are buying with the long term in mind they would look at historical trends over past decades and analyze the businesses strengths and weaknesses. Read the full story

Investing in Copper ETFs

One of the most essential metals in the world is copper. It is used in practically all industrial materials. It is mostly present in electronics as it is a very common material wiring, circuitry and computer chips. Copper really is a very important material. And since it is so important, people invest in it. Copper exchange traded funds, or ETFs, are funds that are like stock. People can invest in them and they generate a return when profitable. The only difference here is that exchange traded funds, like copper ETF, are actually investment funds. These investment funds hold future copper contracts. Read the full story