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Importance of Financial Statement Analysis

It is really important that every investor understands the investment basics of how to analyze corporate financial statements.  You shouldn’t be investing in a stock if you don’t know how to read their underlying financials.  It’s really fundamental in understanding the stock market and how it works.

Financial statement analysis is the backbone of understanding how a company functions and how it performs.  The numbers tell the true story of what is really going on in a company.  If you don’t know how to read a company’s financial statement, then you really don’t understand how to evaluate a company and it’s stock. Read more on Importance of Financial Statement Analysis…

Determining How Much Money You Should Invest in Stocks

You have probably heard about the ups and downs that the stock market has had in recent years if you have been listening to the news. Before you jump into buying stocks online, it is important therefore for you to determine not only how much of your money you should use for other types of investments, but also how much is safe to have in the stock market.

Your age and investment strategy are two factors that determine the amount of money you are going to invest in stocks. You should be willing to make adjustments as time goes by which means there will be different strategies you should use as you move up in years. Read more on Determining How Much Money You Should Invest in Stocks…

How Are Stocks Traded?

Investing in stocks is not that hard. If you are trying to imagine yourself collecting pieces of certificates that confirm your percentage of ownership in a certain company then you can breathe easy now. Selling and buying of stocks do not work like that. You don’t have to shout on a trading floor to get the stocks you want.

Before we start on explaining the trading of stocks and how you can purchase them, first we need to know what stocks are. Stocks are one’s ownership in a company. If one buys stock in a company, he will have a piece of the whole. The more stocks you have, the bigger the ownership. Stocks can also be called in different names such as share or equity. It can also be of different types such as preferred and common stocks. Being an owner of a stock entitles you to the earnings of the company based on your ownership percentage. Usually these are just small amounts but if they are invested as long term stocks then the returns are usually higher because the company has time to mature. Read more on How Are Stocks Traded?…

Learning How To Invest

Indeed, learning how to invest in stock market is as bewildering as studying space science. A lot of considerations should be factored in by the new investor. By way of preliminary discussion, in learning how to invest, consider where people generally have money when they retire. Read more on Learning How To Invest…

How to Make Money in the Stock Market

To achieve success and lots of money in stock market, you either have to become a financial guru yourself or to get professional help from a stock market mentor or a real successful financial expert. They will teach you good stock market principles on how to make money in the stock market. Stock market is such an unpredictable and roller coaster place that there is no place for half-expert or financial pretenders.

The naked reality is that only a small portion of trained and savvy investors rake in disproportionate big amount of return, many times at the expense of the other investors. But these few people know how to make money in the stock market. Is it not a disparagement to “Wall Street expert” professional title when a number of these so called “expert pretenders did not make a killing nor even achieved a breakeven in the investment.

How To Become A Business Success

Through observing business people who have been successful, and how they achieved their success, there are a number of factors that must be present for business success to occur. These success factors can be condensed into a simple formula:

  • Success = Startup Business Person + Product / Service + Market

To truely understand this formula, you must first ask yourself what is success? The definition of success depends on what you want to get out of the venture, that is, what your goals are. True success usually means creating a viable entity ( business ) that returns its investment also earns your a nice profit. Read more on How To Become A Business Success…