Stock Market for Dummies

Determining How Much Money You Should Invest in Stocks

You have probably heard about the ups and downs that the stock market has had in recent years if you have been listening to the news. Before you jump into buying stocks online, it is important therefore for you to determine not only how much of your money you should use for other types of investments, but also how much is safe to have in the stock market.

Your age and investment strategy are two factors that determine the amount of money you are going to invest in stocks. You should be willing to make adjustments as time goes by which means there will be different strategies you should use as you move up in years. Read the full story

Spread Trading On the Stock Market

I’ve always been a big fan of betting on sporting events. I always feel that it adds a little something extra to that game your watching knowing that you have a stake in play. I only found out recently that you can actually place bets on how the stock market will turn out. As well as betting on sports I’m a keen investor so the option to mix two of my favourite money making past times was just too much to pass up.

Spread trading is really quite simple. Firstly you decide the length of the bet you want to place. The shortest is the daily bet which of course lasts till the end of that trading day. You simply place a bet on an individual stock or even an index and decide if you think it’ll go up or down in price. At the end of day depending on the outcome you might just make a little profit. You can also place a rolling bet which means that your stake will roll on to the next day of trading. Finally there is the monthly bet which can last anything up to 3 months in advance. Long term this could turn out to be the better option as it’s less like gambling and will allow you to apply a little research to your stock picks. Read the full story